Synergy Customer Testimonials

I really love my new car. The process was really simple and the delivery driver was really great too, showing me all the gadgets and features.

Nicola Dyer, Asda Employee | Vehicle Supplied: Kia Sportage

There was nothing this company could improve on, I was really happy with the service and the car from start to finish.

John Bailey, Marks & Spencer Employee | Vehicle Supplied: Vauxhall Vivara

Considering I have never gone down this avenue before I can only say it has been a stress free experience. All my questions and queries were answered quickly and efficiently.

John Hird, My Motor Choice Customer

Thank you so much for all your hard work on arranging the car lease, the number plates, and the car delivery. You have been wonderful in enabling the car to be delivered before our holiday. Very many thanks for all you have done and thank you for the aftercare voucher as well.

David Ensor, Institute of Advanced Motorists member | Vehicle Supplied: Skoda Yeti

My husband and I had been thinking about leasing a car for some time but had never done it before. However, the process went smoothly from the start. What I particularly liked about the service was the fact that I dealt with one representative, Jemima Layton, the whole time, rather than having to deal with different people from the company who might have to familiarise themselves with the current state of affairs. I also liked the fact that I had direct access to Jemima and that all queries were dealt with courteously and professionally. Best of all, expectations were managed very well meaning that there were no surprises in terms of availability of the vehicle or delivery itself. I would heartily recommend Autoperks to anyone thinking of leasing a car.

Nora Crabtree, ARUP Engineering | Vehicle Supplied: Mercedes B Class