More About Auto Refer

Why Auto Refer?

With total losses currently accounting for 20% accidents, a vehicle replacement service is a key strategy in retaining clients rather than leaving them alone in the open market following their settlement. This solution will reduce the opportunity for consumers to renter the market through the online aggregators and potentially reduce costs.

An average motorist takes a month to find a new car once their vehicle has been confirmed as total loss and one leading insurer confirmed 77% of clients survey confirmed that replacement vehicle service would have been of interest.

How does Auto Refer work?

Auto Refer works in line with the FNOL & claims process and can be set up in a number of different ways to ensure the customer journey is delivered in the most effective way.

A referral portal will be designed for our clients which allows a seamless transfer whilst maximising the efficiency of the FNOL & claims team, a full reporting suite is available for our clients to be able to view and monitor the success of the programme.

Key benefits to Auto Refer?

Auto Refer is delivered at little or no cost and focuses on;

Key Benefits

  • Customer retention
  • Improved customer journey
  • Greater contact with customers
  • Incremental revenue streams
  • Opportunities to reduce costs